Positions of the Planets

Current Positions of Planets in Signs.

Sun in Libra.   Focus is on relationships.

Mercury in Scorpio. We focus on intense issues.

Venus in Virgo.  We love work & mission.

Saturn in Capricorn. We plan and climb.

Mars in Aries.  We act.

Jupiter in Capricorn.  We look up to justice.

Neptune in Pisces. We sense the supernatural.

Uranus in Taurus. We are ingenious about money.

Pluto in Capricorn. We can tap into power from the earth.

Moon – see  Moon Passages.

Fall Equinox 2020

Fall begins on  the Sept. 22nd. The nights become longer and the days shorter.  Darkness wins. As the Sun moves into cardinal sign, Libra it starts to relate tensely with other cardinal bodies, like Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn, and Mars. To get some good out of this, we should be positive in thought, word, and deed. This can bring a happy Fall.

Summer Solstice 2020

This year the Sun enters Cancer on the 20th and is followed by a new moon solar eclipse on the 21st. This is all about feeling, home, family,  country and a new start. This is also the longest day of the year and we celebrate the light conquering the darkness. Let’s find something special to do that gives us a spiritual lift this weekend.

Spring Equinox 2020

Late on the 19th of March, we celebrate the first day of glorious spring. Let’s use this energy to maintain an active and healthy life style. Here is an opportunity to mimic nature and achieve a youthful attitude. Let’s forge ahead with positive activity and make  a special new start on the 24th with the new moon.

Winter Solstice 2019,

Today we note the solstice, the day of the year when there is the least light. The symbolism of this is that goodness and happiness need a little help. This is what light festivals are all about. This day happens when the Sun goes to Capricorn; the sign of looking up, and of setting and achieving goals. So, let’s look up to wonderful things and people, set reasonable goals, and promote and share happiness.

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Happy Kwansaa, and Happy Yule!

Fall Equinox ’19

Today is one of our important markers that happen throughout the year. It is the Fall Equinox, the day when day and night are the same number or hours, or equal. We take meaning from these markers and say that dark and light are equal. A great many paired opposites could be said to be equal at this time. The Sun enters Libra at this time, and the meaning of the day is like the meaning of the sign. In Libra we have the scales which compare things and note equity or the lack of it. Libra is a legal sign and both Libra and the legal world want fairness and equity. Let’s honor fairness and justice.

Summer Solstice ’19

The Sun goes into the sign, Cancer on June 21st. This marks the longest day of the year. The period of light is longer than the period of dark. We celebrate this.

Spring Equinox ’19

Today is the first day of spring. This is the start of the astrological year. It is nice to find some new activity to begin that relates to life and happiness and honors the qualities of spring.

We have many new starts during the year. We have Jan. 1st, the beginning of the year. The Sun is in the goal sign, Capricorn, thus, the resolutions. Then  we have our birthdays, which are a new personal start for ourselves. Each month, the Moon returns to it’s sign in our birth chart. This is a new start in our every day lives. When Mercury returns to the same place as in the birth chart, we have a new start in our mental lives. All of the planets make these returns to birth chart position except for Pluto and Neptune which move too slowly for us to live to see it. When Venus returns, we have a new start in our social and love lives. For Mars we have a new start in action. A new exercise program is a great thing to do. For Jupiter we might rethink our philosophy. For Saturn, a new long term goal is appropriate. And for Uranus, which does this at age 84, seek a new interest. These are things we can look at and act on when we know where the planets are in our charts.

Winter Solstice ’18

The Sun enters Capricorn on the 21st of Dec. and marks the Winter Solstice. This is the first day of Winter, the shortest day of the year, and the time when the Sun appears to be most distant. The Sun is life and this makes us uncomfortable. And fortunately all of this reverses shortly after Solstice. We have celebrations of life and light at this time of year to make us happier in the gloom. And religions celebrate their notions of divinity coming into the dark world. It all makes sense and this shows how meaningful the seasons are to us. To survive things have to be done at the right season. So Happy Solstice. May you absorb and reflect life, light, and love.

Fall Equinox ’18

The Sun enters Libra on Sept. 22nd and marks a period of days and nights of equal duration.  The notion is that two different entities (days) are equitable. The is where we get the notions of equity, fairness, justice, and balance as being Libra notions. This is a great time to consider all of these concepts.

This year at this equinox, the Sun is square Saturn and trine Mars. So there is a delay and an urge to move forward. The trine coming a bit later can show eventual success. It is interesting to note that the Supreme Court starts its year with the Sun in justice sign, Libra.

 Summer ’18

The Summer solstice is upon us, the longest day of the year. There is more light than darkness and this suggests more good than evil. The solstice is one of the 4 turning points during the year. So, it is appropriate to try to create turning points in our lives. In addition to that, the sign, Cancer is especially concerned with change. We can say this because the sign is Moon ruled. Also, Cancer terrain, the beach, shows change 4 times a day due to the tides. So, it is appropriate to try for positive change at this time. Happy Solstice!

Spring ’18

The Sun has gone into Aries and Spring has begun. Nature is waking up and we can welcome a new start. This is the start of the astrological year.

Some changes have recently started or are about to.

Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn are being affected by Mars, Saturn, and Pluto. Saturn effects are for 3 years and for Mars 2 months; Pluto until 2023. It is important to be active, goal oriented, and interacting with good forces. This will make the most of this energy.

Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius will begin to experience Uranus from mid-May until November, and again from March ’19 and on for 7 years. This planet brings new things & people. Make sure that they are up to your standards of reliability. New vistas can open up for you. Jupiter is also affecting these same signs, especially Scorpio, until November. This can bring help and good but watch out for extremes.

Neptune continues to affect Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius. Ideals and the arts are available to you, but stay real when you need to. Jupiter will go into Sagittarius in November and affect you all for a year. Help comes, watch extremes.

Have a splendid year.


Winter solstice.

Today, 12/21 is the shortest day of the year and the beginning of winter, the winter solstice.  This is part of the natural light cycle. Today there is the least, but soon light, length of day,  will start to increase. Holidays at this dark time are filled with beautiful lights to counter the natural darkness. And in our lives, we should create strategies to increase light, spirit, happiness, and beauty. Life, Light, and Love


Fall arrives on Sept 22nd. In Florida, this means that we are almost done with the heat which surely burns off our sins.

Generally, focus turns to Libra qualities which are fair, balanced, intellectual, civil, and devoted to beauty. Then we are on to Scorpio. Halloween images pretty well describe the vibe. After that the divine seeking and adventurous Sagittarius comes along, when we actually give thanks.

The Fall season notes a turn from long days to those which are shorter. We might have shorter days but we will have longer nights to study the stars.  Enjoy!


Summer arrives on the 21st of June. This longest day of the year shows that the light is stronger than the darkness.

Let’s celebrate that.


Spring begins today and we should fine a wonderful way to celebrate it. This season is about new life, Aries, new beauty, Taurus, and new activity, Gemini. Spring is one of three new stars for us in each  year. January 1st is the start of the secular year. Our birthdays are a new start for us personally. And Spring is the start of the new astrological and seasonal year. Let us refresh ourselves and make a new start.

Winter Solstice!

At this dark time of year, we surround ourselves with light physically and spiritually. May you delight in all of this beauty!

With the Sun in Capricorn it is natural to climb mountains, that is, set goals. Sometimes it is better to start with little mountains and build up successes. And is is alright to adjust the goal as we get into it and learn more  along the way up the mountain.

Good luck on your way up!


For those of us who live in Florida, the pizza oven is starting to cool and we are happy. The Sun goes to Libra on the 22nd and stays for a month. A new vibe is in the air and we become this temporarily. The vibe is airy and beautiful. Due to it we want everything to be fair and just, harmonious and peaceful. We are more focused on each other, and may even listen . Let’s make art and fine relationships and enjoy every cool breeze that comes long.


It’s Summer Solstice again, the longest day of the year. This is the time of year when day is longer than night, when light is greater than darkness. Summer is a reminder that light is always greater than darkness. This is good to remember as we experience our natural ups and downs in our dealings with God’s planetary angels. Here in Florida, our light is brilliant and beautiful. On the other side, it is blissful.


There are 3 beginnings in each year; Jan 1, your birthday, and the first day of spring. The Sun goes into Aries on the 20th of March.

This is the new fresh start of the year and a great time to make a new start.  We see new beautiful life springing up around us. Let’s celebrate this youth and beauty.

February 2, Candlemas, the Heart of Winter

In Astrology we note 8 important seasonal events. We celebrate the beginning of each season and the heart of each season.

Candlemas is the heart of winter. What does this mean? In order to understand it, I had to place myself in a winter setting. Picture yourself in an isolated cabin, in a snow covered place with out modern conveniences. To survive there by this time, you would have had to plan for winter and work hard. Wood for fire had to be cut. Have you ever chopped wood? Or split a log? Food had to be gotten and stored. Emergencies had to be considered and planned for.

As you sit in your cabin by the fire and note your candle lit domicile, light becomes precioius, a neccessity, and even holy. This is Candlemas. Light is good. And we celebrate the light and try to become light.

Winter Solstice Dec. 21, 2015

Winter starts on the 21st of Dec. Here in Florida, it does not even feel like Fall yet.

The Sun in Capricorn celebrates notions of succeeding in our public lives. This is the season to set and work on new goals through which we improve our selves, our reputations, and our relationships with parents and authority figures.

If we look at nature, we see vegetation downsizing and resting. This is done to make a new energetic start in the spring. Let’s try that. The Moon in Taurus made some harmonious planetary relationships on the first day of Winter. This signals some nice things coming to us.

Fall Equinox  Sept. 23rd ’15

Fall starts with the entrance of the Sun into Libra at 4:21 am ET. At this time of year days and nights are equal and then the light period of the day becomes shorter. Libra is about equity, fairness, and justice and this is a fine time to increase those in our lives. As the day begins to decrease in length, we want to find ways to increase the light in our lives.

Summer Solstice June 21, 2015

The summer Solstice starts on June 21st. This is the longest day of the year and shows that light is greater than darkness. It’s a great time to find ways to bring good into the world. When we think of good astronomical symbols, we think of Jupiter and Venus. They can be seen in the west after dark. They are beautiful and a good omen.

Spring Equinox ’15

Spring is the beginning of the astrological year. The other beginnings are Jan. 1 and one’s birthday. Beginnings are always a good time to have some goals to accomplish.

In the Spring we want to increase our happiness and youth. Enthusiasm is the key. Having things to look forward to is important. As we get older, being around some younger people helps.

This spring is particularly active with Uranus and Mars with the Sun in the Spring sign Aries. Good aspects from Saturn and Jupiter in fire signs add to our potential happiness.

Happy Spring!

Dec 21 Winter Solstice ’14

On this day the Sun goes into the goal sign, Capricorn. It is the shortest day of the year but also marks the beginning of the increase of the length of the day and the decrease of the length of night. It is like turning a corner in terms of light. It is appropriate that we have celebrations of light at this dark time of year. It is also good to create a mantra for yourself representing a goal to work at that will bring more light into your life. The Sun will be in Capricorn for a month, you have time to perfect your goals and mantra. This year, the New Moon in  Capricorn coincides with the solstice.  We can really make a new start.

Spring 2014.       chart 2014 spring

Spring starts at 12:57 pm on the 20th of March. This is when we and the earth get a shot of youthful energy. Staying young is associated with staying active and maintaining enthusiasm. I also lie about my age. Each day we should plan physical and mental activity and plan something that excites us.

Spring is also the beginning of the astrological year and a chart set up for its beginning tells us about this year.

This year shows discovery – Uranus elevated.

We have opportunities for:

Personal growth – Jupiter rising.

High standards and responsible choices – Moon with Saturn.

Learning and insight into the subtle and magical side of life – Mercury with Neptune and trines between planets in water signs.

Understand and overcome fear – Moon with Saturn.

We should take care with:

Domestic and family issues – Mars in the 4th. (Let’s make peace.)

Dealing with forceful people – Pluto in the 7th. (Let’s take effective action.)

Good luck and let’s plan something exciting each day!

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