Moon Passages

The Moon sign changes every 2.5 days. Our horoscope describes who we are, but the temporary positions of Sun, Moon and planets also describe us temporarily. It is especially nice to know the situation of the Moon because it urges us on. I recommend gems that correspond to signs that will harmonize with the Moon. This is an old idea. The notion is that everything is associated with a planet or a sign; Uranus represents astrology, Mars represents soldiers, Jupiter represents luck, etc. I use many reference sources for this. For gems i use the church of Light list. Alan Leo agrees with most of this. He was Theosophical Society. Incidentally, in the late 1800′s people in the Golden Dawn, the Theosophical Society, and the Church of light knew each other. The Church of Light was called The  Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor.

Astrology. Influence for 22 , 23, & much of 24. Increasing Moon in imagining Pisces trine Venus & Jupiter, with Neptune. This is a harmonious & mystical interlude, an opportunity to restructure the mind. Plan something special. Wear peridot.

20180823_164455 (3)

Astrology. Influence for later, 19, 20, & 21. Moon in Trekkie Aquarius with Mars, square Uranus in Taurus, & Venus, & Jupiter in Scorpio. Planets in strong signs are in tension. & stressed Mars & unpredictable Uranus are involved. Let’s take care with friends, money, our own choices & do something futuristic. Wear diamond.


Astrology. Influence for 17, 18, & much of 19. Moon in shrewd Capricorn trine Uranus, Mercury, and Sun, with Saturn & Pluto. We have serious concerns, but can expect help. Mars square Uranus – let’s slow down. Wear jasper.

El Capitan

Astrology. Influence for later 14, 15, & 16. Moon in adventurous Sagittarius square Neptune, Mercury & Sun. Planets in changeable mental signs are in tension. Clarity, good analysis, & curbed enthusiasm help. Wear ruby.


Astrology. Influence for pm 12, 13, & most of 14. Moon in intense Scorpio square Mars, oppose Uranus, trine Neptune, with Venus & Jupiter. We are insightful but need calm. Good comes after tension. Wear peridot.


Astrology. Influence for pm 10, 11, & am 12. Moon in fair Libra square Saturn & Pluto in Capricorn. Our desire for equity & beauty connects tensely with practical reality. Let’s honor both. Wear topaz.


Astrology. Influence for late am 8 to late am 10. New Moon in serving Virgo trine Uranus, Saturn, Pluto, & Mars, with Mercury & Sun, oppose Neptune. Here’s a new & good start in all practical matters; let’s be clear. Wear agate.

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Astrology. Influence for mid-morning 6 to later morning 8. Moon in confident Leo square Uranus & Jupiter. Planets in strong signs show impasse. Let’s use the energy & be effective, original, and benevolently transforming . Wear diamond.


Astrology. Influence for 4, 5, & early am 6. Moon in nurturing Cancer oppose, Saturn, Pluto, & Mars. Trine Neptune & Jupiter, square Venus. We are sensitive, goal oriented, & a bit lucky. Let’s take care with love. Wear peridot.


Astrology. Influence for 2 & 3. Moon in fraternal Gemini square Sun & Neptune, trine Venus. Socializing is highlighted. But let’s stand tall & be clear. Wear diamond.


Astrology. Influence for late 30, 31, & 1. Moon in sound Taurus with Uranus, oppose Jupiter, square Mercury, trine Saturn, Sun, Pluto, & Mars. Originality & practicality rule. Let’s take great care with talk & decisions. Wear jasper.


Astrology. Influence for pm 28, 29, & most of 30. Moon in fresh, youthful Aries square Saturn, Pluto, & Mars, trine Mercury, oppose Venus. The urge to act, relating, and goals are in conflict. We are smart & need to honor each side of this conflict. Wear ruby.


Astrology. Influence for 26, 27, & am 28. Full Moon in magical Pisces oppose Virgo Sun, with Neptune, trine Jupiter in Scorpio. This Full Moon shows that something is full on the other side. The cup is full. Let’s note what we need & tap into it. Wear peridot.


Astrology. Influence for pm 23, 24, & 25. Moon in personable Aquarius square Uranus & Jupiter, oppose Mercury, trine Venus. Planets in strong signs are in tension and extremes are in play. But we are smart & some good comes later. Wear diamond.


Astrology. Influence for 21, 22, & am 23. Moon in lofty Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus, with Saturn, Pluto, & Mars, square Venus in Libra. Practical matters go well but social matters need care. Wear agate.


Astrology. Influence for pm 18, 19, 20. Moon in seeking Sagittarius trine Mercury & Sun in Leo, square Neptune in Pisces. Success is on the way but let’s be very clear in all we do & say. Wear Leo’s gem, ruby.


Astrology. Influence for 16, 17, & am 18. Moon in intense Scorpio oppose Uranus, square Mercury & Sun, with Jupiter, trine Neptune. We are original & pursuing dreams; let’s avoid power struggles. Wear peridot.


Astrology. Today’s Influence. Moon in fair Libra with Venus, square Saturn, Pluto, & Mars 14 & 15. There is a contrast between the powerful & polite society. This energy can also be used to pursue goals and be social, carefully. Wear sapphire.


Astrology. Today’s Influence. Moon in helpful Virgo trine Uranus, Saturn, Pluto, & Mars, oppose Neptune 12 & 13. We are imaginative & practical at the same time & it works. Wear jasper.


Astrology. Today’s Influence. New Moon Solar Eclipse in theatrical Leo oppose Mars, square Uranus & Jupiter, with Mercury & Sun 10 & 11. Energetic planets in strong signs connect tensely. Let’s be calm, cautious, & use the energy well. Wear garnet.


Astrology. Today’s Influence. Moon in feeling Cancer square Venus, oppose Saturn & Pluto, trine Jupiter & Neptune 8 & 9. We are sensitive, goal oriented, & tuned in. Let’s be a little tougher & keep moving. Wear peridot.


Astrology. Today’s Influence. Moon in curious Gemini trine Mars, square Neptune late 5, 6, & 7. Interests & people are on tap. Let’s be clear about all. Wear diamond or sapphire.


Astrology. Today’s Influence. Moon in beautiful Taurus square Mars, Sun, & Mercury, with Uranus, oppose Jupiter, trine Saturn, Pluto, & Venus later 3, 4, & most of 5. Obstruction from strong forces is possible. Being practical helps. Wear jasper. 20140915_154659

Astrology. Today’s Influence. Moon in enthusiastic Aries square Saturn & Pluto, trine Sun & Mercury 1, 2, & much of 3. We are fresh & expressive, & tense about something traditional. Let’s see both sides. Wear ruby. Mars square Uranus – slow down.



Astrology. Today’s Influence. Moon in mysterious Pisces trine Jupiter, with Neptune, oppose Venus later 29, 30, 31. The Moon connects with Neptune trine Jupiter, the “dreams come true” aspect. Let’s start dreaming and give special care to loved ones. Wear topaz.


Astrology. Today’s Influence. Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in futuristic Aquarius square Uranus & Jupiter, with Mars, oppose Sun & Mercury, 27, 28, & much of 29. This is tense. To get some good out of this, lets promote progress, positive action, practicality, creativity, intelligence, and magnanimity. Wear diamond.


Astrology. Today’s Influence. Moon in elevated Capricorn trine Uranus & Venus, with Saturn & Pluto, later 24, 25, & 26. Emphasis is on heavy duty goals; technology & good analysis help. Wear jasper.

El Capitan

Astrology. Today’s Influence. Moon in adventurous Sagittarius square Venus & Neptune, trine Mercury 22, 23, & much of 24.We are smart & creative, but love needs care. Wear ruby.


Astrology. Today’s Influence. Moon in transforming Scorpio oppose Uranus, square Mars & Mercury, with Jupiter, trine Neptune & Sun late 19, 20, & 21. Some agenda supporting harmony exists and we are clever. Let’s address the unexpected and speak well. Wear peridot or emerald.


Astrology. Today’s Influence. Moon in equitable Libra trine Mars, square Saturn, Pluto, & Sun later 17, 18, & most of 19. We are aware of conflict & act to promote fairness. Wear sapphire.


Astrology. Today’s Influence. Moon in serving Virgo trine Uranus, Saturn, & Pluto, with Venus, oppose Neptune pm 15, 16, & much of 17, Work goes well as long as we are clear. Wear onyx.


Astrology. Today’s Influence. Moon in strong willed Leo square Uranus, oppose Mars, square Jupiter, with Mercury pm 13, 14, & am 15. We see a tense relationship between potent planets in strong signs. We are smart; let’s be calm & wise. Wear amethyst.


Astrology. Today’s Influence. New Moon Solar Eclipse in sensitive Cancer oppose Saturn & Pluto, trine Jupiter & Neptune, with Sun pm 11, 12, & am 13. We are managing big things but there is help. Be confident. Wear peridot or topaz.


Astrology. Today’s Influence. Moon in paired Gemini trine Mars & square Neptune pm 9, 10, & am 11. We are versatile & active, but need more clarity. Wear diamond.


Astrology. Today’s Influence. Moon in fixed Taurus with Uranus, trine Saturn, & Pluto, square Mars, Mercury, & Venus, oppose Jupiter 7, 8, & am 9. Financial, leading, & power signs are active and tense. The factors are unexpected, serious, creative, & judging. Let’s be sound in all. Wear onyx.


Astrology. Today’s Influence. Moon in youthful Aries square Saturn, Sun, & Pluto, trine Mercury & Venus, 5, 6, & early am 7. We want action & self expression. But we have to consider reputation & standards also. Wear ruby.


Astrology. Today’s Influence. Moon in dreamy Pisces trine Sun & Jupiter, with Neptune pm 2, 3, & 4. Harmony brings success. Wear peridot.


 Astrology. Today’s Influence. Moon in people sign Aquarius oppose Mercury & Venus, square Uranus & Jupiter, with Mars 30, 1, & am 2. We are involved but running into interference. Calm & positive action are needed. Wear beryl or diamond.



Full Moon in Capricorn trine Uranus, oppose Sun, with Saturn & Pluto pm 27, 28, & 29. Focus is on weighty goals. Something unexpected may help. Wear agate.


Astrology. Today’s Influence. Moon in adventurous Sagittarius trine Venus, square Neptune 25, 26, & am 27. We want fun & games & we can have this. But let’s be clear about all. Wear ruby.


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