Moon Passages

The Moon sign changes every 2.5 days. Our horoscope describes who we are, but the temporary positions of Sun, Moon and planets also describe us temporarily. It is especially nice to know the situation of the Moon because it urges us on. I recommend gems that correspond to signs that will harmonize with the Moon. This is an old idea. The notion is that everything is associated with a planet or a sign; Uranus represents astrology, Mars represents soldiers, Jupiter represents luck, etc. I use many reference sources for this. For gems i use the church of Light list. Alan Leo agrees with most of this. He was Theosophical Society. Incidentally, in the late 1800′s people in the Golden Dawn, the Theosophical Society, and the Church of light knew each other. The Church of Light was called The  Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor.

Astrology. Today’s Influence. Moon in transforming Scorpio oppose Uranus, square Mars & Mercury, with Jupiter, trine Neptune & Sun late 19, 20, & 21. Some agenda supporting harmony exists and we are clever. Let’s address the unexpected and speak well. Wear peridot or emerald.


Astrology. Today’s Influence. Moon in equitable Libra trine Mars, square Saturn, Pluto, & Sun later 17, 18, & most of 19. We are aware of conflict & act to promote fairness. Wear sapphire.


Astrology. Today’s Influence. Moon in serving Virgo trine Uranus, Saturn, & Pluto, with Venus, oppose Neptune pm 15, 16, & much of 17, Work goes well as long as we are clear. Wear onyx.


Astrology. Today’s Influence. Moon in strong willed Leo square Uranus, oppose Mars, square Jupiter, with Mercury pm 13, 14, & am 15. We see a tense relationship between potent planets in strong signs. We are smart; let’s be calm & wise. Wear amethyst.


Astrology. Today’s Influence. New Moon Solar Eclipse in sensitive Cancer oppose Saturn & Pluto, trine Jupiter & Neptune, with Sun pm 11, 12, & am 13. We are managing big things but there is help. Be confident. Wear peridot or topaz.


Astrology. Today’s Influence. Moon in paired Gemini trine Mars & square Neptune pm 9, 10, & am 11. We are versatile & active, but need more clarity. Wear diamond.


Astrology. Today’s Influence. Moon in fixed Taurus with Uranus, trine Saturn, & Pluto, square Mars, Mercury, & Venus, oppose Jupiter 7, 8, & am 9. Financial, leading, & power signs are active and tense. The factors are unexpected, serious, creative, & judging. Let’s be sound in all. Wear onyx.


Astrology. Today’s Influence. Moon in youthful Aries square Saturn, Sun, & Pluto, trine Mercury & Venus, 5, 6, & early am 7. We want action & self expression. But we have to consider reputation & standards also. Wear ruby.


Astrology. Today’s Influence. Moon in dreamy Pisces trine Sun & Jupiter, with Neptune pm 2, 3, & 4. Harmony brings success. Wear peridot.


 Astrology. Today’s Influence. Moon in people sign Aquarius oppose Mercury & Venus, square Uranus & Jupiter, with Mars 30, 1, & am 2. We are involved but running into interference. Calm & positive action are needed. Wear beryl or diamond.



Full Moon in Capricorn trine Uranus, oppose Sun, with Saturn & Pluto pm 27, 28, & 29. Focus is on weighty goals. Something unexpected may help. Wear agate.


Astrology. Today’s Influence. Moon in adventurous Sagittarius trine Venus, square Neptune 25, 26, & am 27. We want fun & games & we can have this. But let’s be clear about all. Wear ruby.


Astrology. Today’s Influence. Moon in passionate Scorpio trine Sun oppose Uranus, square Mars & Venus, with Jupiter, trine Neptune & Mercury later 22, 23, & 24. A grand trine brings good & happiness. But we must take care with love. Wear peridot.


Astrology. Today’s Influence. Moon in lovely Libra square Saturn, Mercury, & Pluto, trine Mars, from mid-morning of the 20th to mid-afternoon of the 22nd. We are in conflict and are energized for justice. Positive action helps us. Wear beryl.



Astrology. Today’s Influence. Moon in serving Virgo trine Uranus, Saturn, & Pluto, oppose Neptune, square Sun 18 & 19. We want to produce & we have some luck. Let’s be clear & unconflicted. Wear onyx.


 Astrology. Today’s Influence. Moon in shining Leo with Venus, oppose Mars, square Uranus & Jupiter 16 & 17. Love is on tap & requires good sense & accurate perception. Wear garnet. 



Astrology. Today’s Influence. Moon in sensitive Cancer with Mercury, trine Jupiter & Neptune, oppose Saturn & Pluto 14 & 15. We are serious & very insightful. Let’s be confident and tough also. Wear peridot.


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