Feb. ’18 Newsletter, Shakespeare & Astrology, 2017 & 2018, Spacex Falcon 9, Fl 370

 From the Desk of Leslie Marlar, Feb. ’18.

For locals who are interested, S.T.A.R. Guild meets on Feb. 27th at the library in Cocoa, 308 Forrest Ave. at 6pm. We will continue to look at how the planets in 2018 are affecting members’ charts. We will pinpoint active areas and note possibilities and take time in the future to follow up by filling in actual events.

In January a Spacex failed to place a satellite into orbit, we think. Mums the word because it is classified. Leo is rising in the launch chart and the Ascendant is in a close square with Jupiter and Mars. The Libra Moon is past squaring Saturn and moving to square Venus, the Sun, and Pluto in Capricorn and oppose Uranus. That’s plenty of discord matching a very expensive loss. Elon Musk has an early Cancer Sun, so , Saturn is opposing it. He’s having his Jupiter return and that should help.

Mudslides happened in Ca. with Mars & Jupiter close in conjunction in deadly and cruddy Scorpio. Trump made his graphic sh—hole countries comment with the graphic Scorpio Moon at the low point in his chart.

The erroneous Hawaii missile alert happened with Mars and Jupiter in death sign, Scorpio on either side of the MC, the highpoint in the chart.

The government shutdown happened under a nicely aspected Pisces Moon near Neptune, which does not sound like potent event.

A school shooting happened in Benton, Ky. The 15 year old shooter killed 2 and injured around 15. An impulsive and young Aries Moon was squaring planets in Capricorn and conjunction Uranus. Also the MC is early in shooting sign, Sagittarius conjunct a late Mars in Scorpio.

Trump is in Davos Switz. when the Moon is elevated in his chart.

During the time that Jupiter and Mars are in money sign, Scorpio, companies continue to give bonuses to their employees due to the tax cut; taxes are also ruled by Scorpio. Mars and Jupiter together in Scorpio seemed to correspond to many events.

The ambulance bomb in Kabul that killed 95 happened with the Ascendant and the Moon in vehicle sign, Gemini opposing Mars.

Twice the normal rain in France in January caused flooding; here is Jupiter and Mars in water sign, Scorpio being cited again. The State of the Union happened under a Lunar Eclipse in Leo, Trump’s rising sign. And finally, the memo is partially Mercury in Capricorn joining Saturn and Pluto. Capricorn shows higher ups in society and names have been named in the memo.

On the morning of the 1st we have the tail end of a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo. This contrasts personal versus group power. A New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius on the afternoon of 13th, the 14th, and until late on the 15th is a new start in our intellectual and social lives.

In Feb. fast moving planets join dreamy Neptune in Pisces and square Mars, requiring more focus in action.

I’ll be at the Yoga Shakti Mission on Heild Rd. in Palm Bay on Feb. 25th talking about the Astrology of 2018 at 9am.

Call if you need me during business hours. My mini readings are quick and affordable.





 Shakespeare and Astrology

by Leslie Marlar Nov. ’16


We know that Shakespeare used numerous Astrological quotes in his writings. Does the literary community know enough about Astrology to understand these? I doubt it. I am going to try to shed light on this. My Shakespeare is a little rough, but my Astrology is quite good. P.S. Last night I dreamed that I was walking done a path bordered by beautiful yellow flowers. They were thick and the greens and yellows were beautiful. I think this project, started today, is my going down that beautiful path.


The Winter’s Tale. “There’s some ill planet reigns: I must be patient till the heavens look with an aspect more favorable.” The Sun, Moon, planets, and points on the ecliptic called angles form geometrical relationships with each other called aspects. Planets near each other form a conjunction which is powerful. Planets 60 or 120 degrees of arc from each other are harmoniously related and planets 90 or 180 degrees of arc from each other are in a stressful relationship. In addition to aspect, a planet can reign if it is in an important place in the sky. The eastern horizon and the zenith are very important places. And there are planets with a bad reputation for trouble like Mars, the god of war and Saturn, the Titan who ate his children. So Queen Hermione notes that a bad aspect is in place and that she should wait for a good one. Things are always moving in the sky. Shakespeare is upholding the theory that it makes sense to avoid action at bad times and instead do something at a good time because there is a connection between things happening on earth and in the sky.


When someone close to me had open heart surgery, I had no control over the choice of time and date. One ill planet reigned. Mars was square (90) the Moon. This causes infection and he did get a mild one at the incision, not the heart, at a later point. But at the time of the surgery, the Sun and Mars were at 120 degrees and good Jupiter and the Ascendant were 60 degrees from those. According to the heart surgeon it all went very well.


Swear his thought over by each particular star in heaven and by all their influences,” Planets used to described as stars; for example, the star of Jupiter being said instead of Jupiter. But the actual stars are also thought to have influence. My own policy to determine the influence of a star is to note its appearance, the mythological stories associated with it, and the image of the constellation that it is in. For example, Sirius is the brightest star in the sky. In the U.S. horoscope, Sirius is very close to our Sun. The Sun is aways important in a chart and here it is with the brightest star in the sky. The interpretation is that our country is bright or great.  

“It is a bawdy planet, that will strike where ’tis predominant; and ’tis powerful, think it, from, east, west, north, and south;

I think he is talking about the power of a planet at the angles, the Ascendant in the east, the Descendant in the west, the Nadir tilted north, and the Zenith in the south.


And here is a great example. In the horoscope of the country, Haiti. Mars is at the Zenith and Saturn is at the Descendant. So two bawdy planets are striking this country and the country is known for its difficulties. When the devastating Jan 12th 2010 quake hit Haiti, in a horoscope set up for the time of the quake, Pluto was on Haiti’s Mars and Saturn was on their Saturn. Here are two strikes at the time of the quake. When hurricane Matthew hit Haiti in October ’16, Mars was on Haiti’s Mars and Jupiter was on Haiti’s Saturn. Here are two planets striking again. Incidentally, when a planet in the sky, returns to the place that it was in, in the birth horoscope, we call it a return. Haiti had a Saturn return at the time of the quake and a Mars return for the hurricane. When dealing with people, returns are opportunities for a new start. Under the Mars return, we recommend new actions, like exercise. Under the Saturn return we recommend new longterm goals. In the U.S. Chart, we are having our Pluto return. This is happening in a financial area of our chart. We would say that improving our financial structure is required in order to have a good new start.


The Tempest. Prospero, the exiled Duke of Milan says, “ and by my prescience I find my zenith doth depend upon a most auspicious star; whose influence if now I court not, but omit, my fortunes will ever after droop.” The zenith in a person’s horoscope is associated with one’s station. In the sky, it is a reigning force. He seems to be saying that his public life and station, his zenith, is dependent upon taking some action involving an auspicious star. Or that an auspicious star is at the zenith and a good time to take an action. He’s into magic, so there is no telling what he is up to, but we know it involves the top of his horoscope or the current or recent horoscope, an action, and the influence of a star.


I note that Sirius, the brightest star in the sky, is at the zenith once a day. What a good time to start something. Modern astrologers have software that shows us the changing sky. So it is easy to see when the 15th degree of Cancer is at the zenith.


Hamlet, Prince of Denmark.

Horatio says, “As stars with trains of fire and dews of blood, Disasters in the Sun; and the moist star, Upon whose influence Neptune’s empire stands was sick almost to doomsday with eclipse: And even the like precurse of fierce events,- As harbingers preceding still the fates, And prologue to the omen coming on,- Have heaven and earth together demonstrated Unto our climature and countrymen.

Here Shakespeare is noting the effects of comets and eclipses on coming events. This reminds me of the Moon’s, moist star’s, influence on the tides, Neptune’s empire. I have seen in the charts of earthquakes, the Moon in a tide influencing position, which is a little past the angles. The Moon affects even the land at high and low tides.

I also think of 8th century St Bede. In his “Ecclesiastical History of England”, he notes in the chronology, a comet and 3 eclipses and attendant powerful events. In one instance he says,” In the year 664 an eclipse came to pass: Earconbert, King of Kent, died; and Colman with his Scots returned to his own people; a great plague arose; and Chad and Wilfrid were made bishops of Northumbria.”


In Hamlet, Marcellus says,” some say that ever gainst that season comes wherein our Saviour’s birth is celebrated, the bird of dawning singeth all night long; and then, they say, no spirit can walk abroad; the nights are wholesome; then no planets strike, no fairy takes, nor witch has power to charm;” The use of the word strike shows that planets have an effect but not at this time. I find myself with a new vocabulary: planets reigning and planets striking, and this is good Astrology.


Again in Hamlet, Polonius, talking to the King about what he said to his daughter says,


And my young mistress thus I did bespeak, Lord Hamlet is a Prince, out of thy star;”


So now the question is about certain planets and stars in the charts of royals as compared to those with less prestige. If he is talking about a planet, Jupiter and the Sun are bodies of high rank according to Rex Bills. She may not be ruled by the star or planet that would represent an appropriate mate for Hamlet. Or he is not included in her type represented by a mate describing planet in her chart. Or her Sun may not be dignified enough to represent him. He is not in her world, defined by her star.

This makes me think of some related ideas. A person can be shown to be special when a 1st magnitude star is in an important place in their chart. Trump has Regulus on his Ascendant. G.W. Bush has his Sun close to Sirius. Another placement showing rank is the ruler of the Ascendant being elevated. Queen Elizabeth 2 has this. She is Capricorn rising and her Saturn is at the top of her chart. Queen Elizabeth 1 also had Capricorn rising, but her Saturn was in the 7th, in Cancer, the house of enemies. Her father was a Sun in cancer so he was one of her enemies. And finally here’s a little something about Prince Charles. He has the Moon in Taurus in his 10th and his Mother is a Taurus. This is like astrological poetry.



In Act 3, Hamlet describes himself as crawling between earth and heaven. This takes no explanation but it reminds me of something. I was soaking between earth and heaven the other night in the hot tub at 2 am. I have a view of the southern ecliptic and saw magnificent Leo past the zenith, Corvus at the zenith, and bright Jupiter and Spica moving up to it. Magic does exist in the world; we just have to look up.


Hamlet says to his mother in reference to her murdered husband and his murderer, “Look here upon this picture and on this, – The counterfeit presentment of two brothers. See what a grace was seated upon this brow; Hyperion’s curls; the front of Jove himself; An eye like Mars, to threaten and command; A station like the herald Mercury New-lighted on the heaven-kissing hill; A combination and a form, indeed Where every god did seem to set his seal, To give the world assurance of the man:”

The mythological gods in appearance, nature, and activity show us what the planets are like. So to us, the Sun, or Jove, or Mars, or Mercury are the gods and the planets which are features of our charts and facets or our own personalities.

To be continued.


Events of 2017 and a Look at 2018

When I asked a friend what he thought the most important events of 2017 were, he said,” the inauguration of Trump, the little fat guy, and the sex thing”. He later added the mass shootings at my insistence, and said that they come before the sex thing.

My notebook is full of events in the world and in the sky that I record every year. It is essentially carrying on the work of the Assyrian Enuma Anu Enlil, who painstakingly did the same thing over a long period of time.

My friend’s list was right on the mark. Let’s look at it and add a few events.

The inauguration of Trump and the election happened under a T square between Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries, and Jupiter in Libra. This combo in cardinal signs well shows the conflict between movers and shakers, people at the top, people in power. An outsider was elected and tensions have been constant. In Trump’s chart, his Jupiter in Libra has been the connection with the T square. In the Gemini rising U.S. chart, the T square connects with our Pluto in Capricorn and our Saturn in Libra. These oppose and square our numerous planets in Cancer especially Mercury. And Saturn in the U.S. Chart rules the Aquarius midheaven. (I like the Gemini rising chart because in our country, the cities were in the east, Gemini Ascendant, and Sagittarius, the wild west, was in the west.) In the sky, Mars square Saturn in the inauguration chart, added to the stress felt by many.

The little fat guy’s actions have been bringing in thoughts and threats of war. Trump’s Mars, planet of war, is very close to his Ascendant and he attracts conflict. In the U.S. chart we have Mars in the first, like Trump. Transiting Saturn has been in Sagittarius in our whole sign 7th, the house of war. And, the cardinal T square adds to the international tension. We have two dates a year apart for Kim Jung Un, so we can’t expand on his nature.

The October 1st Las Vegas mass shooting was the worst in our history. Paddock has five planets in cardinal signs in angular houses. These are Uranus in Cancer, Neptune and Saturn in Libra, and the Sun and Venus in Aries. He had been under the influence of the cardinal T square for a long period of time. When the shooting happened mutable signs were in angles. Venus and Mars, women and men, were in the 4th squaring Saturn and opposing Neptune. The Gemini Ascendant was very close to the opposition with Saturn in shooting sign, Sagittarius. The transiting square of Venus and Mars to Saturn was oppose and square his natal Pisces Mercury. The Moon was in Aquarius as was his.

The Southerland Texas shooting happened with Pluto, Uranus, Mars, and Venus in cardinal signs and angular houses. By this time, Jupiter is in Scorpio connecting concepts of church and death. An early Gemini Moon is oppose by sign, Saturn in shooting sign, Sagittarius.

The harassment sex scandal started around Oct. 5th a few days before Jupiter went into Scorpio on the 10th. It started with the Weinstein story and is still developing. Weinstein has a very strong square between Mars in Scorpio and Pluto in Leo. Kevin Spacey has Mars and Pluto close in Virgo, and has Uranus and Mercury square Jupiter in Scorpio. Roy Moore has Mars in Aquarius oppose Pluto in Leo. Pluto is with Saturn, the Sun is with Mars, and the Moon and Jupiter are in Scorpio. Al Franken has Scorpio rising and the Sun with Mars, 1st ruler, oppose the Moon. Charlie Rose has a Leo Moon oppose Venus and both square Saturn and Uranus and he probably does not get along well with women. Matt Lauer has Pluto square Mars in Sagittarius. Saturn and Mercury are in later Sagittarius getting a hit from transiting Saturn. His early Capricorn Sun will continue to be stimulated by Saturn after its sign change. He has Neptune in Scorpio.

A few more events warrant mention. The terrible June 14th high rise fire in London had the Sun opposing Saturn in fire sign Sagittarius, very close to the MC. And Mars was in real estate sign, Cancer.

The Sept 19th Mexican quake happened with the Sun and Moon with the MC in Virgo squaring the Ascendant and Saturn in Sagittarius. Mercury, Mars, and the Moon oppose Neptune and the Ascendant squares it. Homer called Neptune, shaker of earth.

In the Nov. 12th Halabja Iraq quake, cardinal signs are angular. Mars is square Pluto in 4th and 7th and the Moon is oppose Neptune, shaker of earth.

The hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria happen within a month of the total solar eclipse.

For Harvey, cardinal signs are angular. The Moon is very close to Jupiter and is square Venus and oppose Uranus in the 1st. For Irma’s keys landfall, cardinal signs are in Angular houses and the Moon is Aries very close to Uranus and oppose Jupiter in the 1st. The Sun is square Saturn. For Maria, the Sun is square Saturn and Venus, Mars, Mercury, and the Sun are in Virgo in the wholesign 1st. Mars and Mercury oppose Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter opposes Uranus. In September’s and early October’s natural disaster events, Jupiter opposes Uranus and shows humanity being affected by acts of God.

Here are some additional events by month.

In January, Libra was rising when the Jan. 1st Istanbul nightclub attack happened, so it was connecting with the T square. Mars was very close to Neptune.

In California, the rains started with Venus, Neptune, and Mars in wet Pisces. In Nigeria and in Mali on the 17th and 18th bombs took over 100 lives with the Moon in Libra connecting with the T square. On the 22nd, an Indian train derailed. The Moon was in Sagittarius along with Saturn which Mars was squaring. Under a Capricorn Moon on the 25th the DOW went over a mere 20.000. Money planets, Venus and Mars were together.

In February, Sessions is in, under a Cancer Moon and Flynn is asked to resign under a legal Libra Moon.

In March, under a Gemini Moon, Trump’s Sun sign, he says that he was wiretapped. It came to our attention later that communications in Trump tower were under surveillance. The March 22nd terror attack in London and the March 24th killing of the Republican health care bill both happened with Mars at the MC. This illustrates that this is not a good time to accomplish something or to be out and about.

In April, the Jupiter Pluto square was very strong at the time of the flood in Columbia, the subway blast in St. Petersburg, and the gas attack in Syria. Our tomahawk attack happened with the Moon on the President’s Leo Mars and when missiles hit, Saturn was at the MC in shooting, launching, and throwing sign, Sagittarius. Christian churches were blown up in Egypt on Palm Sunday with the Sun nearing Uranus. For the dropping of the MOAB on the 13th, the Moon and Mars were opposed in angular houses. Mars was in the MC sign, Taurus, in the President’s chart for most of April, showing him looking up to military action. In April, under a Full Moon in legal sign, Libra, Gorsuch is sworn in.

In May, Comey was fired under a Full Moon in Scorpio. The massive Wannacry cyber attack happened under a Moon in communication sign, Sagittarius. And yes, Saturn was there. A special counsel was named to the Russia collusion probe under an Aquarius Moon on May 17th. Aquarius is Trump’s 7th house of enemies. Trump makes his speech in Riyadh with the Moon in Aries, his wholesign 9th. The awful Manchester attack happened with Pluto in the 1st; Saturn, ruler of the first opposing Mars, the Moon with Uranus, and the MC in Scorpio. The rain causing the deadly Sri Lanka floods started under a Gemini New Moon.

In June, we’re looking at the following events. On the 1st , with a Virgo Moon, the President pulled out of the Paris Climate Accords. The Raqqa offensive started around the 6th. Warring Mars had just changed sign to Cancer and the Moon was in the death sign, Scorpio. During the Full Moon in justice sign, Sagittarius, Comey testified. On the 14th Scalise was shot; the Sun was opposing Saturn in shooting sign, Sagittarius and Mars was on the Ascendant.

Otto Warmbier died on the 19th which furthers the tensions with Noko. We can note that the cardinal T square was becoming a grand cross with the addition of hot, violent and harmful Mars in Cancer. This powerful, and for some events, more long term correspondent can probably be applied to the Venezuela situation, heat in the Southwest, the oil tanker explosion in Pakistan, and the China landslide. The landslide happened under a wet New Moon in Cancer.

In July with the Moon in Sagittarius on the 5th, a picture that may be Amelia Earhart with the Japanese was shown in the papers. She has 4 planets in Gemini, the opposite sign of Sagittarius.

Under the Full Moon in Capricorn Trump and Putin met at the G20.

On July 10th, Trump Jr. was noted as having a meeting with a Russian lawyer. The Moon was in Aquarius, Trump’s house of enemies and partners, but not too far past the full Moon.

On July 20th with the Moon in Gemini, O.J. Simpson was paroled. He has Mars in Gemini, which can be translated literally as double murders.

Under the Leo New Moon on 7/24, the sign of children, the Charlie Gard case ended and he died 4 days later.

Early morning of the 28th, McCain, whose Moon squares Uranus, surprised all by voting with Democrats and killing the Senate “skinny” repeal of Ocare. Saturn is connecting with his mutable T square including his natal Saturn. Transiting Saturn and Jupiter are moving from important places in his chart to less important places. This can show diminished activity.

In August, the T square became a grand cross and was associated with many events, including those of leaders being in conflict. The eclipses of Aug 7th and Aug 21st in Aquarius and Leo and involving Mars contributed to the making of many events.

The U.S. Chart has an Aquarius Moon. If you use the Gemini rising chart and wholesign houses, the Moon affects the 10th/4th and 9th/3rd houses. For Trump, Aquarius is in the 7th house of enemies and partners and the Leo eclipse was very close to his Ascendant and his natal Mars. And the solar eclipse was visible here in the U.S. focusing on the U.S.

For President Trump events we have: another grand jury empaneled by Mueller, 2 leaks of WH calls, the tension with Noko and the “fire and fury” comment, the Trump/McConnell spat, the Charlottesville riot events and the attendant Trump news conference, Bannon leaving, CEO’s leaving the WH, and various Trump rallies and speeches. For additional U.S. events we have: sanctions on Noko, Confederate statues coming down, another Navy ship collision, Harvey, Texas floods, a new $700,000 leukemia drug, and 3 more Noko missile launches. In the world, Barcelona happened when Saturn in Sagittarius was rising and opposing a Moon in vehicle sign, Gemini.

In Sierra Leon mudslides killed over 450 people.

In Sept. conflict with Noko continued in the news and this is nicely shown by the T square in cardinal signs. This probably also shows the conflict in the senate; the T square ends in October and the square of Uranus & Pluto ends in the spring of ’18. Things should get calmer. The big story last month were the disasters happening in populated areas. Irma, Maria, and the earthquake in Mexico happened under Sun square Saturn, which is classic for loss events. All of these events, plus August’s Harvey, happened under an opposition between Uranus and Jupiter. Jupiter is a weather planet and is associated with acts of God. Uranus represents people due to it ruler ship of human sign, Aquarius; it is also a hurricane planet.

In October many events happened. Some are saying that it is because of the eclipses that we had in August. I tend to agree. Here are some of those events and other correspondents.

The Oct 1st Las Vegas shooting and the Oct 5th Weinstein story were mentioned earlier.

Around Oct. 9th fires in California start and last for about a week; they take lives and do 1 billion in damage. Venus and Mars are together and squaring Saturn. And the Sun and Mercury square Pluto.

On Oct. 10th, Jupiter, the good planet of law and things improving, moves into death, taxes, sex, and other side sign, Scorpio.

On Oct 14th, Al Shabad bombed a shopping district and kills 350 innocent people. Mars is still squaring Saturn and the Sun is still squaring Pluto.

On Oct. 17th, Raqqa falls under a New Moon in Libra.

On Oct 24th, news breaks that the DNC paid for the Trump Dossier and 2 congressional

investigations begin, one on the Uranium One deal and the other on the FBI not charging Clinton in the email investigation. At this time 3 planets are in Scorpio where Clinton has the Sun, Venus, and Mercury in squares with Mars, Pluto, and Saturn. (In her solar house chart she has these three Scorpio bodies in the 1st house and the three Leo planets in the 10th; this shows her extreme fame.)

On Oct 30th, Manafort is indicted by Mueller. Mars just into legal sign, Libra moving to square Pluto and oppose Uranus shows legal tension.

In Nov. we noted some important events. The Southerland church shooting and the Halabja quake were noted above.

The Egyptian mosque bombing and shooting also happened with cardinal signs in angular houses. Mars was opposing Uranus in the 7th and 1st houses, and Pluto was with the MC. Like the Southerland chart, Jupiter, sign of religion, is in the sign of death, Scorpio. The Sun, Mercury, and Saturn were in the shooting sign, Sagittarius.

Mt. Agung is acting up again. Sagittarius represents the tree covered area of mountains. Capricorn represents the area above the tree line. Saturn changed sign on Dec. 19th from Sag to Cap. Events happen when slow moving planets change sign.

On December 1, Flynn pleaded guilty when the Moon was in Taurus, the MC sign of Trump. On the 3rd we heard of FBI agent, Strzok’s removal from the Russia collusion case. Here the Moon was in Trump’s Sun sign, Gemini.

For the 1st half of the month fires raged in Ca., while the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn were in fire sign, Sagittarius.

On the 9th, with a Virgo Moon, Iraq said that the military war with ISIS is over. Mars changed sign that day.

With a Libra Moon conjunct Saturn in the U.S. Chart on the 12th, Moore lost and democrat Jones is elected. In our chart Saturn rules the MC.

On the 17th with the Moon in travel sign Sagittarius, Atlanta airport had an 11 hour power outage and on the 18th, a train derailed in Dupont Wa. Mercury, Venus, the Ascendant, Sun, and Saturn were in the 1st wholesign house in Sagittarius in the event chart. And Saturn is between the late Sagittarius Sun and the early Capricorn Moon.

It is noted under business sign Capricorn that the Dow is up 5000 points in ’17. and with the Moon in Aquarius, Reagan’s Sun sign and the country’s Moon sign, the tax bill was signed. Jupiter is in tax sign Scorpio.

My favorite event in December happened a couple of hours after the perfection of Venus trine Uranus. Tucker Carlson interviewed one of the military pilots who saw a UFO in ’04 in flight and shows the film. Many saw the craft in various places that day. These pilots were participating in a military project start by Harry Reid. “I want to believe”.

In 2018, we are watching some planets to see their effects on us. Jupiter has been in Scorpio since Oct. This connects Jupiter things with Scorpio things. Jupiter is improvement, law, and judging. Scorpio is sex, taxes, death and transformation. Mars is also in Scorpio from week 2 of Dec. until late January; and it charges up and assaults Jupiter. Recent home and restaurant fires and attacks on churches in late Dec. are an expression of this conjunction. Also, Mars is energy and trouble, and Jupiter is those at the top, so, we are expecting events for “important” people. These planets conjunct on the 6th.

Uranus will leave Aries and go into Taurus in mid-May and then go back into Aries in early Nov. Uranus is change and Taurus is money. The last time Uranus changed sign in ’11 it went from water to fire. We had the earthquake in the ocean, the tsunami, and the meltdown of the Japanese nuclear plant. Now we are going from fire to earth. This sounds like a volcano.

Saturn went into Capricorn in late Dec. ’17. Saturn is very strong in Cap because they are similar. Both are associated with ambition and goals. And Capricorn is a business sign and conservative. We will want to note that Pluto is already in Cap. From Mid-March until mid-Nov. Mars will be in Capricorn or Aquarius. The Capricorn periods create an impressive Mars, Saturn, Pluto combo. We should be noting where Capricorn is in all of our charts.







Falcon 9.        chart 19 & 20 spacex     chart 21 spacex


If you live on the space coast of Florida, you can watch launches from your driveway. And the other night we watched the Spacex Falcon 9 go up and then the first stage come down. What we saw looked like a rocket landing in a 50′s syfy movie. It was thrilling to see and it was a milestone in the space program.
As an astrologer, I have some interesting charts to show you that correspond to the launch attempts. A chart is a map of the sky showing all the celestial bodies and signs. Keep in mind that the Moon is very important in every chart.

The rocket was scheduled to go on Saturday, the 19th. It did not due to the interference of a static fire test. In the chart set up for that time, we can see the Moon in the fire sign, Aries near explosive Uranus and opposing fiery Mars. Someone like me would not suggest a launch corresponding to a chart like this due to discordant planetary relationships. Discord is associated with failure and harmony with success.

The next night, Sunday, the 20th it did not go. The experts said the chances were better the next night. On Sunday, the Moon was in Taurus and headed toward some very nice relationships with other planets. I thought it would go due to the approaching harmony, but it did not.

The next night, with the Moon still in Taurus and involved in the harmonious planetary relationships, the rocket went up, the 1st stage came down and landed, and the upper stage deployed 11 satellites. The mission succeeded.

There is logic here. The successful launch happened when the Moon was involved in a number of harmonious planetary relationships. It did not go during discordant relationships or before harmonious relationships were in play.

To see my piece on the Spacex rocket and others that blew up in recent time, see Launch Failures under Life’s Work on my site.












Flight 370

The Astrology of Flight 370. March 15, 2014

chart 370 flight                  chart where plane malaysia

The plane took off a 12:41am on the 8th from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 8 Sagittarius is rising and 5.5 Virgo is at the Midheaven. The chart is ruled by Jupiter and Mercury. Jupiter is in Cancer in the 8th house. This could be watery death. (The ruler of the 8th in Gemini can show death by not enough air.) Jupiter also rules the outcome, ruling Pisces in the 4th, that contains Neptune and the Sun. Jupiter is conflicted, in a T square with Pluto and Uranus.

Mercury is in Aquarius in the 3rd square Saturn and trine Mars. As ruler of the 7th, the destination is northeast, Beijing. But the Moon in the 7th appears to show something else. It squares the Sun in Pisces in the 4th. It goes against the pilot and represents more than one person. The Moon eventually trines Mercury and Mars. Could they actually succeed?

The Ascendant squares Neptune before take off, something is hidden. It opposes the Moon right before takeoff, this is the presence of the others. It trines Uranus and provides some luck in the flight. Then the Ascendant squares the Sun and goes against the power structure of the plane, the pilot. It finally sextiles Mercury and then Mars in air signs. Could something about this flight end well in someone’s book? Mercury in Aquarius as the flight and as the pilot squares Saturn in Scorpio in the 12th and comes into contact with a hidden treacherous force. It then trines Mars, success. The other pilot symbol, the Sun trines Saturn. Are there two groups of pilots with different fates?

A watery end seems likely from all of the 4th house rulers being in water; the trine of Mercury to Mars may be finding the wreckage and determining just what happened.

Could the full moon in Virgo on the 16th shed light on the mystery and bring it to culmination. (3/20/14 The possible debris field was seen 4 days ago, the day of the full moon.)

3/18/14 A note. All want to know where this plane is. One obvious statement in this chart is that there are multiple destinations, Moon in the 7th in Gemini.

3/21/14 Please note the added horary chart on the location of the plane.

My eye was drawn to Uranus, representing airplanes and ruling the 4th of the lost. I’m noting its house direction. A colleague and I looked at this and noted the Moon, co-significator, in Libra in the 12th approaching Mars. And Mars disposes Uranus. Something looks like it will happen when the Moon is on Mars in less than 13 degrees.

3/22/14 And the Ascendant is 13 degrees from joining Saturn in a conjunction in the 1st house. According to Ivy Golstein-Jackobson degrees between planets that are in cardinal signs and cadent houses (Moon & Mars) and degrees between planets in fixed signs and angular houses (Ascendant and Saturn) both equal months in time.

3/24/14 We have news today about Fl 370. I spoke with a friend and he said that the main theory was mechanical failure. I listened to the news a bit later and Mr. Quest on CNN said that most pundits concluded that it was nefarious. I called my friend and mentioned that the pundits said that it was nefarious. He said, ” And who is this Nefarious?

chart pilot shah


3/26/14 Here’s another look at the departure chart and the horary chart, and a new look at the pilot’s chart.

Departure Chart. Note that Jupiter, the ruler of the 1st is in Cancer in the 8th house. This can be read as death in water in the southwest. Also, this Jupiter is applying to oppose Pluto in the 2nd and square Uranus in Aries. This shows the plane having something extreme in the hold and that there may be an electrical fire. It is as though all of the current therories about this mystery are shown in this chart. Hijackers are the Moon in the 7th. A battery and electrical fire is the T square of Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto. And a watery death is Jupiter in cancer in the 8th and Mercury square Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune and the Sun in Pisces in the 4th.

Horary Chart. It is interesting that the hidden 12th house of the departure chart is in the obvious 1st house in the horary chart. It is as though the mystery becomes known. This chart shows the plane (Uranus) north of west.

The Pilot. With no birth time available, I used solar chart houses. His Leo Sun is past an opposition with Jupiter and applies to a square with Neptune. Both ideals and schemes are catagorized under Neptune. Uranus in Leo defines him as a pilot and possibly as progressisve. His Moon is probably in late Pisces oppose Mars, square Venus, sextile Saturn, and trine Mercury. This shows him to be insightful, intelligent, and stressed. There are solutions to most of this but women seem to be a problem. The Pisces Moon takes us back to Neptune. His Mercury is in Cancer in the solar 12th sextile Mars, oppose Saturn, and trine the Moon. We are back to Neptune’s house. Neptune, it’s sign, and house stand out. Is he involved in a scheme? Is he forced into one? Or are we just seeing descripitions of his psychology as deep, mysterious, and an important part of his life.